Closed Circuit (2013)

I expected to see a lot more cameras, considering the title and all. Still, this movie had some enjoyable moments. It had me wondering who to trust and it also had me wondering why it was called Closed Circuit “They See Your Every Move” for the tagline. CCTV was hardly used in the film. Rebecca Hall was wonderful as always and I thought she played off Eric Bana well. I wish Ciaran Hinds and Jim Broadbent had larger parts. Julia Stiles had a nice cameo and then poof she was gone. An average political thriller.

*A faithful reader has informed me that the title is an interesting wordplay. Closed is the type of court and circuit is a level of judge. It’s all so clear now. It doesn’t make the movie tons better, but it’s nice to know these things for clarification. Thanks AgOstoMesmer!



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Closed Circuit (2013)


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