The Sound of Music (2013)

I really enjoyed the sound of the music in this. Carrie Underwood was an adorable Maria and her singing was really spot on. I wouldn’t have pegged her to play this role but she did very well. The kids were also just so cute. Stephen Moyer had to do a lot to overcome his creepy vampire stereotype but I think he did a good job. Plus he looks really weird all cleaned up and proper. The rest of the cast did well. You have to give them credit for doing this live and pulling it off on tv. A fun time!


ReelReelReelReelHalf Reel

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The Sound of Music (2013)


2 thoughts on “The Sound of Music (2013)

  1. Ryan, Thanks for your review of The Sound of Music Live! My wife is the Carrie fan, but I do know she has a spectacular voice, and I agree with you that she pulled this role off pretty well. She can’t help her Oklahoma twang, but I’m from Dallas, so I have one, too!

    • Well thank you for checking out my site! I really enjoyed the Sound of Music Live. I feel like it has had some undeserved negative feedback in other places. So you’re from Dallas? I’m over in Marshall, TX. 🙂

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