Kill Bill: Volume 2

Uma Thurman is a heroine that is not easily rattled, despite the charms that David Carradine tries to lay on her. The second part of this action packed thriller about “The Bride” of the Two Pines Massacre. Thurman’s role in this one is softer than the last installment or at least she gets beat up more. The music in this one was not as good and overly loud. When there was action scenes, they were great. The final fight against Bill was underwhelming to say the least but funny. Still it’s great.


ReelReelReelReelHalf Reel

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Kill Bill: Volume 2 (2004)


2 thoughts on “Kill Bill: Volume 2

  1. Good review Ryan. The first still kicks some mighty-fine ass, but this one gets the job done in the type of way Tarantino loves: Letting his stories and characters breath, and speak for themselves.

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