Ocean’s Eleven (2001)

I’ll just dive right in. This movie is a lot of fun. I can’t help it, I enjoy a good heist movie. I have yet to see the original so I have no comparison but the cast for Soderbergh’s film seem to effortlessly work together. Clooney is a pretty good Mr. Ocean but Don Cheadle was my favorite character. Especially when he uses the “Pinch” device. Hilarious! The writing is witty and the plan that is put into place is clever. The sheer amount of loot makes the stakes high and gets you into it.


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Ocean’s Eleven (2001)


2 thoughts on “Ocean’s Eleven (2001)

  1. Totally agree with you on that. Soderbergh’s “Ocean’s Eleven” is completely awesome in all the ways you describe, and, having seen the original with Sinatra and company twice I can tell you right here it’s nowhere NEAR the level of the remake. Far too slow for today’s audience, the swagger of the crew is Rat Pack legit, but the pace and energy is just not there. At all. I want to get them MAD props for the trail they blazed, but it’s just what it is; a half-century forward in story, screenplay, pace, acting, style. Clooney’s crew is just on a whole other level.

    Ocean’s 12? Now that’s another blog post. 😉

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