Scream 3

This movie gets a lot of flak for being cliche. It might be a little bit, but even a bad Scream movie is better than a lot of other horror films. The thing that bothered me the most in this was the fact that I didn’t care as much about the people being killed. They were actors playing the parts of the Woodsboro victims. So, the audience isn’t too emotionally involved in them. The twist at the end is great and the action and violence are top notch. Some great cameos in this too. It’s not bad.


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Scream 3 (2000)


4 thoughts on “Scream 3

  1. I’m one of the rare people that actually enjoyed Scream 3. Even though it didn’t have the same writer, I liked what they did with the trilogy rules. It seemed consistent to me. I don’t really see what other people were talking about.

    • I’m glad we agree. I hear people rip this movie apart all the time. Watching it again I thought, man, this movie really is a lot better than a lot of other horror films I’ve seen lately. It’s not going to be remembered as one of the best horror films of all time, but it is entertaining. I loved the trilogy rules.

      • Actually, I watched Scream 3 first and then saw the first two after.

        So I don’t know what people were expecting from it. I was probably out of the loop.

      • I’m not sure either. I’m doing the same thing with the Paranormal Activity movies. I saw #3 first, then I watched #2. I still need to see the first and last movie in the series.

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