After Earth

A M. Night father/son science fiction movie. Sounds great right? It’s ok. Let’s start with the positives. Beautiful scenery and some truly tense moments. The bad, no chemistry between father and son Smith’s. I was a little disappointed in no twist ending, but it was refreshing too I guess. The whole movie felt like “My Side of the Mountain” in the future. Oh and that eagle part… totally sad. I felt more emotion for that eagle than for Will Smith. Decent Sci-fi, but not great.


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After Earth (2013)


2 thoughts on “After Earth

  1. Thought this movie was well made, but I just couldn’t get over the insane amount of plot holes: (the biggest one in my opinion is that before their ship crashed on Earth, it sent out a Mayday signal; Will Smith’s character was present, so he knew this. So with the mayday signal already sent out, why did his son go out of his way to send out another one?
    If you can find a decent answer, you deserve a nobel prize;)

    • I must have forgotten that part. Yeah, there is no way to explain that plot hole unless somehow the first distress signal bounced off of an asteroid or something. Yeah, I’ve got nothin’.

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